Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You're the sunshine on my floor, you're the book I've halfway read.

Kim inacting one of our jokes about the potential to lose na eye on that part of the staircase.

Only one more day without Kim. What I miss about Kim isn't just the around the house stuff, and the parenting stuff, but I miss the friend stuff. I miss having someone to talk through my day with, bounce ideas off of, etc. I miss having a partner. Kim is my quiet, steady, emotional rock. I am verbal, expressive, creative, funny, scattered, slightly high strung and anxious. Kim is quiet, thoughtful, thinks before he speaks, intelligent, analytical, and diligent. He likes to see all his stuff (i.e. a bit messy), and I crave neatness, but am still messy. I am generally a positive thinker, Kim is a realist. He is the jam to my bread, the yin to my yang, he balances me. I feel most unbalanced without him.

But only today without him, and then he will be home tomorrow around 3:30. Granted I leave the next day for the weekend, but at least I know I can call him to talk whenever I want. Only a day.

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  1. That thing about him being messy and needing to see all his stuff and you craving neatness but still being kind of messy is Gene and I *exactly*. The man lines his shoes up every night as he's getting ready to go to work. I kid. You. Not. And he just leaves them there. On the bed! I gave up trying to reclaim the bed so I just sleep beside them because I know if I try to put them away he'll just get them out again.