Friday, February 12, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

We missed all of the snowfall in the DC area and fully expected shoveling ourselves IN to our parking space. But when we arrived home, we saw that our spot was all clear and someone had shoveled a path to our door. Turns out a friend had emailed our address to the people we hire to remove snow so they would clear it with a Bobcat. The pile of snow on our front yard is taller than Kim. Yay for neighborly neighbors!

We were out of town so we could go see the space shuttle Endeavour launch. It was amazing! I will never have adequate words to describe how it felt.

But I can try. We got on the tour bus at 1:30am for the second night in a row, hearing on tv that it was about a 60% chance of launch. On the way there our expert guide, Wayne Owens regaled us with details about the launch and NASA in general. You would think after three days with us he would run out of stuff to say, but because he is awesome, he didn't. Once we got there, the skies were clear and we heard over the speakers that mission control was giving a green light for the weather, which had not been the case last night. Kim set up the camera as close as he could, so I spent a good portion of the countdown sitting on a blanket with my back to the shuttle, vaguely wondering if Kim was looking out for alligators.

The built in hold at T- 9 minutes was when excitement really began to build. As each positive report came in, the 4000 folks sitting in the area got just a little more excited. When the countdown started again, people were practically giddy. Someone sang the national anthem over the loudspeakers and by the time they were done there was 5 minutes until launch. Those five minutes went slow and fast at the same time. Everyone counted down from 10, and then there was this tremendous light, with no sound, like there was a rip in the planet and the Sun was on the inside. So bright and beautiful. As it ascended, It turned night into day, and I stood there slack jawed in awe. Then the rumbling and noise came. The engines sound like a rapid fire pop pop pop pop pop with a low frequency bass sort of feel running through your body.

I had my eyes on Endeavour until it disappeared into the sky, which took about 5 minutes. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

While we were in Florida we went to see Sherlock Holmes at Disney Downtown. All the pizazz of Disney, with none of the money spent! Woot!

I met two astronauts this week. We just know them as Andy and Richard, but they were so great. Andy has logged about 150 days in space, which is a very long time!

It was really nice to spend a whole week with Kim by ourselves. Even when the weather was bad, or we were waiting for a flight we were just blessed to be spending time with each other. We make each other laugh so much, which is, in my opinion, a crucial part of marriage.

I like to bust out with a goofy face or two during picture time:

I miss the kids. Kim is on his way to pick them up now, but I won't see them until later. :(