Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I like to start with a whimper.

Day One: Rose before the sun shined to get ready for work. I spent too much time on makeup, and ended up leaving the house late. Made it to work on time due to a wee bit of speeding on the toll road. Did my job with excellence, and come home to the kids play Wii on the new TV. Kim left for work. I made a PB&J for myself, but the kids weren't hungry. Ate lunch, then took a two hour nap. could stand to do some dishes, and clean up the living room a bit. Haven't done anything crafty today, let alone spin flax.

I could knit with some flax when Renee comes over later. We are going to watch the So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) favorite dances show, eat tacos, and talk about which Bible study we want to do, even though we already chose. Kim will be at a DC United game, so we can be goofy, making up new words like "schnoozeling", and do some fake shopping online.

Today Baby Ryan had his plastics surgery to put his omphalocele and heart back into his chest. it turns out his diaphragm did not need repairs. God is the amazing physician!

My ruby rating for the day? A lame 2/5

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