Thursday, September 3, 2009

She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.

I wish I had servant girls!

Can I tell you how much I hate pork right now? I pulled out pork chops (albeit gigantic pork chops) from the freezer a little after noon to defrost, and they are still hard as a rock! Plan B anyone? Well I guess this is why we have those jars of pasta sauce around, but I think I will jazz the jar suce up with a little onion, garlic, and maybe some carrot. Sneaky mom, putting carrots in the sauce. I'll chop them up small and they will never know.

I did not get up before dark today, but I was scheduled for a slightly later shift than usual. I like getting up and leaving the house before dark though. It just feels nice and peaceful in the car, and it also reminds me of freshman year of highschool when we had swim practice before school in the next town over. I dislocated my shoulder pretty early in the season, but I got up every morning for practice, just because I enjoyed the time in the car with the other girls. Except waiting for that girl who took forever to get out of the house. My parents were friends with her parents, so I couldn't be too grmpy with her in the morning without them finding out. Darn you small town parental networks!

I came home from work today, cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors, and got a bee in my bonnet. I wanted to vacuum the stairs and the basement. Partly I wanted to use this carpet spray that Renee left at my house. Now my house smells delightful, and I got rid of the cobwebs too!

Julia's room has been a mess, so i made her go up and clean it a bit after she played outside for 5 hours. She wasn't so thrilled with me, and ended up throwing it all in the closet. *slaps forehead* So we spent some time working on that. I'm trying to teach her to clean more methodically, we will see how that goes.

I've been reading Lisa Whelchel's (yes Blair from Facts of Life) book "Taking Care of the Mommy in Me" which has excellent tips on working prayer, scripture, worship and praise into your everyday life. I've been enjoying it a lot and would pass my copy on, except, it's autographed by Lisa herself. When Kim gets back from Geneva I am going to drive up the next day to attend the women of Faith conference with my older sister Annie. Lisa's speaking at the conference and i am very excited to see her speak. I love the way she conveys ideas; her riding style is very conversational and easy to read. I hope I enjoy her speaking style as much.

Today's Ruby Rating: 4/5 Not so bad!

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