Monday, September 28, 2009

She is slacktastic in updating her blog, but she has fabulous weekends full of fellowship!

Ok that's not really part of Proverbs 31.

My laptop is sadly on the fritz, so Kim had to repair the desktop's numerous issues so I could go on the intertubes. He did, and I am here! since I have posted last I had two wonderful weekends. On the 17th, I drove up to my older sister's house in PA so we could go to the Women of Faith conference in Philadelphia. We had a great time, and I enjoyed meeting some more of her friends. We saw Mandisa, and Steven Curtis Chapman, ANitra Renfroe, Patsy Clairmont... it was lovely. But it was great to come home. I missed my family.

What I did not miss so much, was cleaning and taking care of the house. I have been most lazy in the past week, but I've also been busy.

This past weekend I saw Fame with my friend Renee, and we both agreed the best part of the movie was when I went over to the noisy teenagers and said "You need to be quiet now." I kind of scared them because I had to pee very bad at the time, so I was perhaps a little more insistant than usual. The good news was the were quiet for the rest of the movie. We ate at the mall's food court (mmmm lamb kabob) and went shopping with some success. I found a skirt that called my name while she was in the frustrating pursuit of Pants for the Legitimately Petite™. Although I have shopping issues of my own, I do not have this pants issue, and watching her go through it was disheartening. I am also annoyed that plus sized stores and department stores do not carry more options of petite women. It makes me want to scream. Although Lord and Taylor has some ridiculously cute suits for slim petite women. Like Susan Lucci tiny.

Sunday I went to church early, then went over to Jason and Bridget's house for our Shepherd Group feast. It's our last feast as a large group before we split into three and it was a little sad. :( It was also great to catch yup with everyone, because it seemed like so long since so many of uswere in the same room. We haven't had the entire group in one room since about a year ago, and yesterdsay we were missing once couple. They were vacationing in Hawaii, the slackers. hehe

It's like a super long weekend of fellowship since we had Shepherd Group on Friday, Renee time on Saturday, Feast on Sunday, Women's Ministry tonight, and Bible Study on Tuesday. Busy, but I love it.


  1. why did you not tell me about this earlier? love it. i'm talking about the blog if you didn't guess already. :)

  2. I totally couldn't decide if I wanted to jump up and cheer for you when I got to the part of you telling the teens to be quiet, or if I should fall over laughing. My mental image of teenage Maggie has her being one of those kids. Sheesh we're getting old!

    And I love love LOVE lamb kabob's. When we lived in Centreville there was an awesome place in our neighborhood I used to get them from. Totally delish, but always left me with great intestinal distress.

    Still totally jealous of your WOF trip.

    And petite pants are hard to find no matter what. For me, I require them to be low riders or else they squeeze me right around the diaphragm and I can't breathe. Not being able to breathe kinda sucks.

  3. Well Leighann, you have been a bit busy. lol