Monday, January 3, 2011

The Great Makeup Project of 2011

I don't know if you guys know this, but I am a makeup junkie.  I struggle with issues of vanity, but my Lenten Makeup Ban of 2010 really helped with that, and my skin cleared up so much, I just can't go back to doing what I did anymore.  I still wear a lot of makeup somedays, but I can go without it and not feel weird anymore.  Anyhow, I love makeup for lots of reasons, but mostly for expression.  It's fun, and sparkly, and I enjoy trying out new things to see what works, feels, and smells good.

But the problem is, I go out and buy a new mascara, just because it's new, when I have a black mascara that works just fine in my drawer.  I'm all for experimenting and trying out new things, but I feel like I shouldn't have four mascaras in my drawer.  First of all, I can't use four mascaras before they will go bad.  I should throw out a mascara three months after I open and use it for the first time because most importantly it will build up bacteria which can cause infection and irritation, and also because it will dry up and not work as well.  So I need to get cracking on three mascaras, because only one is brand new.

Alas, it's not just mascara.  I was on the phone with Lynne the other day, and I'm pretty sure I counted out over 20 lip glosses I rarely use because they aren't the newest one.  Well no more, my pets!  Here are the new makeup rules:

1) Use one up before you buy a new one.  
2) If you have several similar items, completely use at least two before you think about buying another one.
3) Research before you buy, especially if the item is costly.
4) Either use the palettes you have, or find them a new home where they will be loved.  

So the items I plan to use up vary from super duper cheap, to high end. No matte bronzer until the one I have in my "use it up" bag is gone.  Same for the mascara I put in.  I put in four lipsticks and lipglosses that just don't seem to get the love they used to.  When I use up on of the items, I will see if I have a similar item, if I do, I'm not buying a new item, if I don't and I enjoyed the color I will buy either another one of the same, or something in the same vein.  But how many fushia lip glosses could I possibly need?  That's a complicated question, don't answer it.