Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am really starting to miss Kim.

My husband Kim travels several times a year, but he doesn't usually do short trips. The shortest trips are generally a week, including weekends. An average is about a week and a half. once every four years there is a month long trip, which usually involves a few two week trips in the months preceeding it.

This one is a week and half. He's in Geneva, and we generally only get to chat once a day via Skype. Which is nice because I get to see his face. It really helps the kids and Kim too. My problem is that before I go to bed, I need to verbally process my day. When I began working and started going to bed earlier than him, it was ok, but I found I wasn't sleeping as well, so I decided to start going at the same time as him again and just take a nap in the afternoon.

And today was a crazy day. I did get to talk to him about it a little, but I often lie in bed and chat until I realize he has fallen asleep, so this is going to be a rough falling asleep day. Tomorrow Renee is coming over for SYTYCD and Glee, so that will help. Thursday night is book club here, and that will also help. Friday will be Shepherd Group, but that doesn't always help because then I have new info to process. *sigh* It'll be ok and I can try and finish the book club book for Thursday. Haven't had much time to read.

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