Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh you earworms!! *presses play on her playlist*

Did you see the playlist? Scroll down and it will load on the right. It just came in very hand for me as Leighann posted a hit of the 1990's as her blog post title and it was stuck in my head. I Saw the Sign over and over. Chris Tomlin, much better.

Speaking of Leighann, she's unveiled Ryan's brand spanking new chest on her blog: Check it out, because it's pretty awe inspiring.

I decided to volunteer to work Labor Day at work because I would get paid double time. So my five hours in work pays like ten. YAY! I woke the kids up super early, but I think they thought I was kidding last night about the early wake up because they were groggy munchkins. Apparently my mom made them a hearty breakfast with bacon and eggs and sausage and they perked up. I went off to a pretty crazy day at work, because things always go wrong when there is limited staff on hand. Everything is fine but I spent half my time putting out random fires. Figurative fires.

Had a nice late lunch early dinner at my folks, then came home. Kim was on Skype, so we were able to chat for a bit, but he was tired, and went off to bed. After the video chat I relaxed for a bit, then made the kids a light dinner. We cleaned up the family room, because for some reason I thought the kids should start the first day of school with a clean family room and kitchen. Is that weird? Maybe it's just me who needs to start the year organized and non-stressed... After the kids went to bed, I vacuumed and made lunches for the kids. Hard boiled eggs, Babybel cheese, carrot sticks, juice, granola bars, and fruit snacks. They will eat some for lunch and some for snack. They just aren't sandwich kids. We tried with Julia, but they always came back smooshed and uneaten, even if she would normally eat it at home. Joe really only likes PB&J, but there are two kids in his grade with severe nut allergies, so I don't like to send it in. Hope they enjoy!

Good day, but a tiring day. I'm glad I get the extra hour and a half of sleep!
Ruby Rating: 4/5

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