Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We are up in Pennsylvania celebrating Christmas with Kim's family. I always find it a struggle to mesh secular Christmas with the celebration of Christ's birth and this Christmas has been no exception. We didn't manage to make it to church yet again this year since we made it up here so late, but I would like to take the family to my sister's church Sunday morning.

I find myself a bit caught up in what I have received this year, or rather what I have not. I keep praying for God to make the true spirit of Christmas alive in my heart. I want to feel the joy over Jesus' birth and what an amazing gift God has given us. Instead I feel a bit bummed. It's been a rough season this year, I guess. I am so glad I went to RBC's Christmas worship spectacular. The music and preaching really hit the right spot for me, and I am trying to think of Pastor Minter and D.R.'s messages today.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my Christmas jammies and Whaler's jersey from Kim and the kids. The Christmas jammies were a tradition started by my father. He gave my sisters and me fun jammies each year. Most of the time a colorful plaid which coordinated but didn't match each other. When we took a break in the middle of opening gifts (hey five kids take a long time to open presents) we would run and put on our new jammies before coming down toeat breakfast and open our stockings. Then we would finish up opening gifts and break out the Monopoly board. Then someone would get mad because the older siblings were winning and throw the board, scattering the pieces all over the family room. When I was little, it was me, then my little sister took up the torch, then finally my little brother. Ahhh the warm and fizzy memories. I miss a lot of our Persing Clan traditions.

So off I go to finish Christmas for today. Soon Kim's dad will come for a third wave of Christmas. Tomorrow more distant family is coming, and then we are driving over to Annie's house for another wave of Christmas. Hopefully I will feel Christmassy by then. Sorry for the downer of a Christmas post, but it is what it is this year. lol Merry Christmas y'all!

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