Saturday, November 7, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

My laptop is broken. It always ran hot, and eventually the video card went kaput. It was just out of warranty when it happened, and even though it is an HP defect they won't replace it. Do until Kim gets the replacement part (which will also eventually overheat and go kaput due to the defect) I am using the desktop in the dining room. Which is why I haven't been posting as much. This chair is very uncomfortable. Maybe I should recover them and put in some extra foam. My mom did that when we lived in Connecticut and it made a huge difference. Anyhow, I miss my laptop... a lot.
Julia has an admirer. And I found a note form him in her back pack mentioning dating. I do not like this. Problem is he is her only friend. What is a mom supposed to do? ack!
We had Joe's parent/teacher conference this past week. he is doing well in school and his teacher thinks he is funny, smart, and delightful. I'm good with that. His only issue is that he reverses some things, but it's his idiosyncracy and we don't even notice it anymore. We are trying to notice now and make an effort for him to correct things like "I can have water?" into "Can I have water?". It'll work out.
I need to give Kim a haircut. He looks shaggy and I've been in such bad shape I haven't done it. He always looks so handsome when I am done.
Trying to get back on track with weight loss. Halloween candy is not helping the cause. The Wii Fit Plus is helping a little, but it's hard to get time on the games when the kids are playing. lol
Speaking of Halloween:

Am motivated to clean to get ready for Christmas decos! The problem is, no one else cares.


  1. My HP laptop runs hot too. I had to replace the hard drive a few months ago because it got fried. Ok, I just realized that was more than a few months ago as it was when I was on bedrest during my pregnancy with Sarah and she will be 2 the first week of January!!! Anyway, long story short I got one of those fans that you plug into it and sit the laptop on it and it seems to help when I am using it on a flat surface.

  2. I think that is what we will do when it is replaced too. Anything to help extend the life a little would be good!